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We Create and Execute Programs Specific To Each Property

While assets can share certain characteristics, each is unique in its own right. Our experience, gained through handling a wide variety of ownership, management and third party assignments, enables us to focus on resolving tenant and property issues quickly and efficiently. We concentrate on cost efficiency and revenue optimization while maintaining a first class property appearance through attractive landscaping and common areas, preventative maintenance and systems and processes that operate in a first class manner.

Each property is unique and Veritas will leverage our experience, economies of scale and financial and market expertise to optimize value and execution to plan.

We Retain Experienced, Energetic and Detail Oriented Property and Asset Managers

Our property and asset managers have years of experience managing large and small multi- and single-tenant properties. This team demonstrates great attention to detail in managing every facet of the property, maintaining tenant service and satisfaction as the ultimate commitment. Likewise, our experience and utilization of institutionally recognized accounting, lease administration, budgeting, asset management and reporting systems enable us to provide detailed budgets, business plans, financial analysis, investor returns and customized reports in meeting property, tenant and ownership needs.

Our “in-house” maintenance technicians and construction partners are “second to none”

Veritas has a team of maintenance technicians skilled in a variety of area including HVAC, Millwork, Minor Electric and Plumbing.  In addition to our in-house team, we have exception partners to help with all facets of architectural design, engineering, construction and mechanical systems.  Our team is responsive and available when needed.

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